Our Process

Guidelines for your application

To assist you with deciding whether to invest your time and resources into making an application, the following information may help:

  • Currently, the focus of our funding is for projects and groups based in the North East of England, including Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham. Projects with a national or wider area focus may also be considered, for example we have made donations to Cambridge University, Arkwright and the John Muir Trust.
  • Receipt of funding applications will be acknowledged by e-mail, as quickly as possible. Once the Trustees have considered your application during the quarterly board meeting, you may be requested to provide more information. Please be aware that a decision may take up to six months and it may also be necessary to arrange a visit to your organisation to discuss your application in further detail.
  • There is no annual deadline for funding applications to be made.
  • Please note, we do not fund sponsorship of any kind.
  • There is no minimum or maximum threshold to the funding that can be applied for. However, please consider the genuine costs of your proposal, any other grants awarded and applications to other trusts. As part of the process we may review your budget and accounts.
  • The larger the fund applied for, the greater the amount of detail we may require.
  • There is a 12 month period before applicants can reapply.
  • The Reece Foundation requires regular updates on any project/cause with a final report upon its completion. It is important for the Foundation to understand how funding was spent and how the objectives of the project/cause detailed in the proposal were achieved.
  • Dependent on the nature of the donation, the trustees may like to visit the projects to review progress first hand.
  • As you will understand in the event that the donation is not used for the project/cause outlined in your proposal we would reserve the right to request the donation be returned.
  • Please visit our News and Case Studies sections to find out more about projects we have funded.